About Unleash

For 16 years we’ve been pursuing innovation in electric vehicles.

Before you could even purchase an all-electric vehicle you had to build one yourself – which is what we did before Unleash.  When we started, our focus was on completely battery powered machines.  Electric vehicles are becoming a larger part of the market and the pace of adoption has been astounding.

 In 2015, we started a project adding an electric motor to a BMW 3-series and Unleash was born out of a weekend garage project.  Our successfully hybridized BMW had an electric motor in the spare tire space with batteries and the motor consuming the entire trunk space. We designed our own differential housing that we connected to the rear differential.  Special circuitry read and modified the throttle pedal output to intelligently control the flow of power from the electric and gas systems. 

There was something of an “aha!” moment that came from this project.  Someone suggested “you should be doing this to trucks”.  That made a lot of sense! Soon after we started working on what has become Unleash – an electric augmented gas vehicle that add power while burning less fuel.

We are a team that’s passionate about developing new technologies that can be integrated into existing products to improve their appeal. We hope to be able to serve you and look forward to transforming your ride into a powerful futuristic machine.


Our passion is to unleash the potential of person and machine by taking advantage of the most innovative, powerful, and efficient technologies of tomorrow, and using them on the platforms of today.

Our commitment to this goal is what drives us every day. We as a company have a drive to create more, and better technology for people to use today.


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