Unleash is the battery pack modification for your truck that creates a plugin hybrid out of an F-150, resulting in an increase in horse power and fuel efficiency.
It’s more fun and more practical.

Improved Performance

Usually you have to give up something to have the kind of benefits you gain here, but that isn’t the case. Here you gain 30-50 HP, add 60%+ fuel efficiency, and drop emissions by 40%. 

Fuel Savings

A 60% increase in your fuel efficiency means less time and money spent at the pump. Everyone wants that. And 60% is the low end of the increase, you may actually see near a 100% increase in your fuel efficiency.

Make a Statement

You want to drive a hybrid but you aren’t a prius kind of person. You want to save the environment because you want to be outside enjoying it, and the Unleash Fury says that about you.

Decreased Emissions

One of our goals, and one of yours as well, is to look out for the planet around us and our children. Attaching this modification to your truck decreases emissions by 40% immediately. 40% less junk in the air sounds pretty good to me.

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