A 12 volt monitoring circuit was recently added as a feature to the system. The power pack has four high power 12 volt connectors. These are for:

  1. Connection to the vehicle 12 volt system at the battery
  2. Connection to the power pack’s DC-DC converter that provides power to the 12 volt system from the high voltage battery pack to alleviate the need for power to come from the alternator while the battery pack has a charge
  3. Accessories that run on 12 volts like a high power inverter. This one is intended for on-board devices although it can also be routed to external 12 volt loads.
  4. Offboard 12 volt loads such as a RV.

However, the power pack needs to be able to monitor the 12 volt system so external loads (like an inverter or RV) cannot drain the truck’s 12 volt battery once the high voltage power pack has been fully discharged.

So today was a machining day for the new prototype bus bars. Also, since some modifications needed to be done to the baseplate, it was a good opportunity to throw an Unleash logo on the underside!